Saturday Morning Coffee

It is so interesting how things can change in a short period of time. It is those things that are constantly running in the background of your life that makes you feel like you are moving slow, not getting anything done in an organized manner or not with your entire focus on the tasks at hand.

The things in the background have been that people in my life have been looking for work. Others buying a house. Both have not been smooth or linear events but processes that have seemed to work themselves out in a great way over time. Plus there has been the coughs, colds, flu and broken bones that have presented themselves.

The next was a quick and more scary thing that is ok now. My husband injured his knee this week. This is devastating for his Highland Games season and I am not sure if he will be able to get back before the last couple of games. Who knows what next season will bring. More scary to me is when can he go back to work. Bad knees and doing a physical job loading and unloading freight plus driving a semi is scary. After all the years he has worked at his company, we found out he may qualify for short term disability. I didn’t take out the accident insurance with AFLAC where I work. That will change.

He should be back to work before long. We can weather the storm of him having no income for a short time. It was just scary to think that it all can change in such an instant. I am drinking coffee at home but we were supposed to be traveling. It will be a relaxing rest of the summer with less travel and we will do other things but it wasn’t the plan. It never is the plan, is it?

I mean, it wasn’t the plan to get sick when I did all those years ago. It wasn’t the plan when family got sick either. It wasn’t the plan to go to funerals, hospitals, make quilts for kids with cancer, make quilts for those in a devastating spot or someone who needs comfort.

The good news is this is just a little bit of stuff in the background now. Nothing huge or devastating, just little blips in the week. New opportunities have presented themselves and change is on the horizon and the changes are good things. A house has presented itself , jobs are working out, instead of Highland Games a class reunion is happening, people are better and home from the hospital. Commission work comes when money is the tightest and the side hustle grows. All in good and the best timing.

Coffee tastes good this morning as the sun rises. I have commissions to make, a house to clean and to find an outfit that doesn’t make me look fat as I head out to my class reunion this week.


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