It’s Been Hot And I have been Crafting up a storm!

It’s been so hot and that means I have been staying cool inside making things! I have a little You Tube Video that shows you some of the things I have been creating.

YouTube Video of what I have been working on!

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How to English Paper Piece

It’s done!

I have been keeping cool physically and mentally by making some super fun projects.

YouTuber’s I mentioned in the show:

Quilt on!



  1. Love your podcast! I listen religiously, despite my failure to ever come and comment. I’m one of those people who is very dedicated but I never feel I have anything of interest to add. But this time I HAD to thank you for sharing the details on the Youtubers you have been watching. I love to find out–and try out for myself–what other people are putting into their ear and eye holes for entertainment. So thanks and please keep sharing with us about your creative crafting life–I love hearing about it all.


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