Saturday Morning Coffee

830 AM. Time for coffee. I am feeling a little cooped up with the hot temps. It was 90 a few times this week. And rain. If it stormed last night, I slept through it. I need to do something outside so I think I am going to try to mow the lawn or go for a walk. Hot temps make it hard to do stuff and no Highland Games to go to since husband knee injury, so I am home. Not planning any trips till end of August.

Home and making things. Lots of things. I have bought Cricut project materials and I am scouring the internet for free tutorials. I learned some things and I am going to use the Cricut to cut a quilt block out. I have a sampler that would be a perfect testing of these skills. I also have the materials to try to make projects on listed on the VIP group I belong to. I will not get bored let me assure you.

I am a little concerned about my husbands current healing. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a teeny bit concerned. It is slow to heal but there is improvement. At the same time, he is concerned and that makes me concerned and the circle of concern continues. He has a follow up with the doctor in a few weeks. Hopefully, it will be healed and he will be back to doing all the things. In between the lines the concern is about these questions: can he continue to do his career without significant pain, will Highland games be over, will he need to think about change…. it’s too early to really be pursuing any ideas but it gets one thinking when you have nothing but time to think.

Where I work there is a major reorganization happening. I have no concerns about my job being changed and there may be something good happening currently. After a decade and a half of being in a tiny office overlooking the football field, I may get moved down the hall. It is a bigger office overlooking the green space of the property. I am excited and I hope it happens with in the month pending all the committee meetings that decide where peoples offices are and all that stuff. Otherwise, after 19 years at this job, the more things change the more they stay the same. LOL its a good job and I am pretty good at it. I keep trying to look into my potential new space and see what the office looks like, but the person who uses that office is there all the time right now. Don’t wanna seem like a vulture. And I work in a 100 year old building that was originally a TB sanitorium. I hope all the people moving offices doesn’t disturb the ghosts who remain there. Should be just fine.

Coffee is gone. Time for choring


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