Saturday Morning Coffee

my quilty mug

This week life has returned to the usual routine for the most part. I have been longarming in the morning and sewing blocks before work. I recorded a podcast and have been doing my usual social media. I have puttered in the garden and tidied up the house here and there. My husband has been back to work and feels pretty good.

Then I wasn’t bobbing merrily along. I felt terrible. I have been feeling low grade vertigo off and on for months. When you have chronic disease it can grind you down and you miss some warning signs. Vertigo is usually a sign that something is off like allergies, infection, etc. YEP, I came down with a full blown UTI. It sent everything spiraling out of control and I didn’t work my day job much for a couple of days. Seriously, how can such a minor thing make everything so off… my blood pressure, my balance, my sleep, my sugar, my energy and intake. PS Mom don’t worry I am fine now just had a couple of off days!

I did find myself doing my routine a little slower. I enjoyed it even though I was sick. I realize I don’t need to cram so much in a day. I felt relaxed. It made me really think about the rushing around I did earlier this summer. Sometimes, I like the challenge of rushing around and having tight deadlines. And then I don’t. I like the slow, methodical days to be zen and heal.

We can do both. We don’t need to have just one speed and one type of day otherwise it would be boring or too much. I find myself in the all or nothing thinking pattern. I have to be doing all the things all the time or I am not getting anything done.

Nope. Not true. I think that I could get use to this slowed down way of living. Maybe I don’t need to be doing so many things. I am just so used to it that changing would be really hard. I am thinking of scaling back a little and taking time to smell the roses more. Don’t know what that means but I am going to enjoy the lull in life and just take it for what it is for now. When I get bored I am sure I will start something else, didn’t you listen to my last podcast? LOL, creative ADHD

Today I am going to wrap up a couple of projects and drink a couple gallons of water. I am going to remind myself to just take it easy for a while and enjoy the things I am doing and learning right now. Plus, it is ok to want a break from some things like quilting all the time to doing other creative things like the Cricut and playing music. Not everything will need to be productive or part of a master plan to get more … more what I have no idea.

Be creative,



  1. First year of retirement! Sounds like you are enjoying it. I am looking forward to the day but I am also learning to not jam pack every day with all the things like when our kids were home. It feels amazing to just chill! Thanks for reading!


  2. I am enjoying this post very much. I, too, am having my morning coffee.

    I am also getting ready to celebrate my first year of retirement, so can whole-heartedly recommend a slower lifestyle. I still get things done, but really love taking the time to enjoy the process.

    Thanks for your ongoing posts! 😄 Connie


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