Saturday Morning Coffee

the To Do list for the weekend

Another weekend is here and I decided to make a list yesterday. The list isn’t really too overwhelming. Just some things I don’t really wanna do but I must. I will try to tackle them first and get them out of the way. I thought if I wrote them out on a pretty page that would make the list more palatable.

This list represents all the things that I like but there are parts of it that I really don’t like. The opposite world list. You would think I would like everything on my list wouldn’t you? After all it is a weekend and I have no demands on my free time….

I love longarming my quilts. I don’t like loading them or prepping the back , I need to do both.

I like a clean house. I don’t like cleaning the the bathroom and organizing horizontal surfaces.

I like designing my own projects very much. I don’t like writing down the pattern.

I like going to the local quilt shop and to Hobby Lobby. I don’t like spending money.

I like working on my Cricut. I don’t like all the fiddly work that has to be done in the Design space and deciding what design to do.

I like being active. I don’t like the joint pain afterwards.

I like being outside and gardening. I don’t like the allergies and stuffed up nose afterwards.

I like playing games and social media on my phone. I don’t like feeling guilty for “wasting time” when I could have done something productive. I feel I must have something to show for my expended energy, I suppose.

I like my creative time and being uninterrupted. I don’t like being alone for extended periods of time.

All this to say, I cannot have my cake and eat it too. What?? I am learning instead of getting grumpy over the parts I don’t like to do or feel, I have to focus on what I do like. I enjoy having a clean house so that is my focus while cleaning not the I don’t like cleaning part. Makes it much more bearable. I like having a garden and being outdoors, not the allergies and joint pain afterwards.

I do have to balance this all with rest and pacing activities. I also learned this week that doing things in small steps and coming back to it often works better for me that a long marathon session to just get it done. No fun there.

I plan to have a nice relaxing day making things after a few clean up tasks. I also want to sit on the patio and enjoy the sun. Have coffee with a friend, play a few silly games and overall forget about making sure that have to have check boxes on a list. It will organically get done. Maybe instead of a daily to do list for myself I should just get a bullet journal. More research on that topic.


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