Saturday Morning Coffee

Things are off a little bit, not on routine this am. The order of operations is a bit off kilter. The Computer had a very long windows update. I decided to do an experiment with my sourdough starter while the computer was taking its sweet time on the update.

I haven’t fed the sourdough starter in months. I revived it days ago and I found a recipe on King Arthurs flour for bread machine sourdough. I can’t knead the bread by hand anymore and to be honest, I don’t wanna baby sit dough all weekend to bake it Sunday night. So fingers crossed this works. If not, I heard of a No Knead recipe but it requires a Dutch Oven. I don’t have one currently. And not sure I would use it enough to invest in it. Come on Bread Machine Recipe, you need to work!

Current reflections: This summer is more low key. Can you hear me letting out a deep and glorious sigh? I have not attended several Highland games and related socials, my husband has missed one game but attended one last weekend and this weekend he is Judging! I will go this afternoon because it is only 20 minutes away and I wanna check out what a Pirate Festival is on a Yachting lake. Sounds like a strange combo to me and then add Highland games? Could be great or totally weird. Side note: I think my husband is going to try a game or two in the next month. All seems to healing well in his injured knee. Besides he is going a little bonkers because this is his hobby. He’s working on making a decision what his hobby will be after Highland games.

This week I actually did a You Tube companion to a podcast that I am going to record this morning. I am most critical of myself and the production of video but it is the best I can do currently. I need to stop being so harsh on myself. I feel like I need to compete with people who do this on a pro level. Same with podcasting, longarming, quilting, and everything. I am not a full time pro at any of this. I would call myself an advanced hobbyist. That should make the pros happy…. note my sarcasm… some believe people like me are making the pool for pros too muddy and they can’t market their stuff. Sorry, but I don’t see it that way really. I love to make things and share about it. I love to talk about it. I have a few people who support me and a few businesses who have supported me but don’t get me wrong…. it feeds my budget for my quilting habit a little. It barely covers the cost of production and rarely covers the cost of finishing a complete project when asked to do so.

HOWEVER, I LOVE IT!! That’s why I do what I do. I am finding music too difficult to do with my hands and this is where I create now. I am very very content with how my hobby is going and in fact, growing! I am very very content with my life outside of it.

So off to check the bread machine and see if it is working. I want to finish up chores and then record my podcast before I step out for an afternoon adventure.


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