Saturday Morning Coffee

a tankard will hold a ton of coffee!

This was a very odd week. It was a week where everything changed but really there weren’t changes to my life overall, essentially. It is totally weird but all in a good way.

I moved my office, at work, to a bigger and more useable one down the hall. It is large enough for wheelchairs and near a sink to wash my hands. It faces south not north. I have a view of the greenspace of the old property with bird feeders, a very mature maple tree and a garden. It is quiet enough to listen to a radio and not have to jam ear buds in my ears to silence the noise. It is Zen and has a large enough wall for me to hang a quilt. Quite a space and I can’t believe I can use it.

Wall hanging at work

My old office looked over two parking lots, was so small I barely fit in it. I would bump my hip on the heat radiator or the desk getting up. I don’t hear the same noises. My old office was next to the office shredder and copy machine, so it was very loud. Made listening to blood pressures difficult. The copy room was the room where people gathered and talked. In the copy room, was the coffee pot, fridge and microwave. So, it smelled strangely of coffee, copy toner and lunches.

I would hear, by default, everything going on the office in that old space. I was next to reception, so I heard everything from the front end too. Every ring of the phone, every person at the window and every staff member looking for someone. Lots of noise and unnecessary information. But, it had a great view of the football field across the parking lot to the high school. It was one positive to the old space. However, I have been trying to get a different office for 15 years.

I don’t have the same neighbors now. I don’t come in the same door, use the same bathroom, use the same coffee pot or have the same lighting as I did for the past 15 years. I brought a plant from home, maybe it will grow in the window sill. It’s great but at the same time it feels like a new job. The people in the hall where I work now, all kept welcoming me to the wing. I have worked with them for 20 years yet I didn’t work right next to them sharing the same air space. Its totally new, yet totally familiar. A strange dynamic. It is also a feeling that one part of my life is over and a new chapter is beginning. The job has had lots of changes over the years but the basics never change. What a strange dichotomy. I think I am gonna love the New Bigger Quieter Zen Office.

At home, this weekend, I am inspired to reorganized and make my home cleaner. Just like I did moving offices. I had to reorganize, pitch old stuff and clean everything. I think I am going to clean a little deeper at home, keep digging through my storage spaces and cabinets. Try to employ the Fly Lady system to keep a better home, and also work on her biggest suggestion which is taking care of yourself.

Today I may need a second cuppa before I start. I am glad football season is here because it builds in natural rest breaks to the day inbetween all the chores. I will do my knitting and hand sewing during the games.

Happy Saturday!


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