Saturday Morning Coffee

This week was one of trying new things out both at home and at work. This week is observations about people. The new office and its routines went pretty well. Always a few things that need a bit tweaking and the workflow to be hammered out. Overall, it won’t be a big deal to smooth out and be a really good set up. I  am extremely happy with it. 

However, it has occurred to me that people get weird over offices, office changes, who has the corner office and such. I learned many places have policies over the hierarchy of office moves. All office changes are approved my leadership in most cases and many polices written over it. I had no idea!

 I have had a tiny office tucked in an obscure nook of the building next to the loudest room-copy, shred, microwave room. I worked there with a few minor complaints and a few formal requests  about needing a bigger space to see my clients for 15 years. I worked there because that is what my space was. I was happy it had a window and some privacy. 

The supportive, welcoming comments from last week  have lessened as expected. I heard more of, “do you like it?” Quickly followed up by the question that has just burned my butt…… “How did you rank to get this nice office?” It turns out that people seem to think that offices are all about power, prestige and “where you rank.” See above about office culture but sometimes it is logistics…what your job is, location of said job, where your team is and all that stuff. Plus, having seniority should count for something, right? 

But I did counter with this,” remember me, the nurse like Harry Potter with the office under the stairs?” I had really lovely offices in other buildings I have worked in over the years for the same agency. I knew what it was like to have a nice space  but sometimes you have to do what is asked. And working in a broom closet is what I was asked to do and I made the best of it. But believe me, I have been jealous at times. 

What I have learned this week is the importance of being genuine and not putting people on guilt trips. A simple,” hey what a great office, I am happy for you”. Or, “ Hey, I would love to have this office, I am actually a little jealous”  would be more refreshing that questioning me about who I thought I was to get this. It made me realize people were questioning me, who I am literally because I was in the broom closet for so long, and all that in turn made me feel really bad. Maybe I didn’t deserve something so nice and thoughtful. 

Yesterday I had a STOP RIGHT THERE! Moment. 

I didn’t ask for this space. I am appreciative of it. Wouldn’t go back to the broom closet for anything! I had to remember these things…..I don’t think I am anything more than me. Just me, an old nurse doing her job the best she can. I am trying very hard to assimilate into the new wing and new space with its unwritten culture. I just wanna do my best and come home at night to quilt and live my life. 

No more of this crap. I am gonna head into next week and answer the questions with …. I am Vicki, RN, just doing my job, Thanks for asking. 


  1. I’ve had the same experience Vicki. We moved into a new building (courthouse) in 2007. Planning had started shortly after 9/11 and the decision was made to make the building “airplane proof”. This meant few windows. Most in our department had no window. For some reason, my assigned office had two! I still have no idea why I was the lucky one. I got all the same kind of comments as you have. I just chalked them up to jealousy, and did not feel guilty about my good fortune.


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