Saturday Morning Coffee

This week I realized I have not been writing down due dates, appointments and commitments. I made most of them on time. A couple were a little late, and one was a near miss.

Not sure why it is so hard. I have a paper calendar. I write things down. I use my electronic calendar on my phone with an alarm. I have every type on technology, paper binders, folders and journals. When I write it in the paper calendar , I forget to put it in the phone. I am thinking I need to use only my phone exclusively for the alarm feature. Using all the tools , both paper and electronic, is making it complicated and having uncessessary redundancy which leads me to ultimately not using either method. So phone calendar it is!

I am going to move to a list making, routines building journal. One with laminated pages I can check off and give myself stars or ++. I can keep track of all the things, prioritize them and keep all the info at my fingertips but not rely on this journal to remind me of appointments and obligations. Maybe this will work. I gotta have a better plan!

I nearly missed my dental appointment at 730 am this week. I was late on posting a blog post about my FQS block. I am losing information in strings of emails. So, I need to try something new this week and not wait for January 1 because what I was doing wasn’t working and I started to rely too much on me remembering. Well, that is usually a disaster.

Let’s drink coffee to new methods, list, routines and electronic calendars!



  1. Good morning! I recently started reading your posts and really enjoyed looking back at them.
    I too love Saturday morning coffee and pondering my week. Funny I woke earlier than normal today and was thinking that I really need to get better organized with my calendar/schedules etc…so a project to begin now and maybe when New Years rolls around I will have myself in a better routine!


  2. That’s almost as bad as me putting it on my phone, writing it on my desk calendar on the wrong month! I’ve done that and then argued that my appointment isn’t tomorrow its next month. Nope….lol


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