Saturday Morning Coffee

The sun is streaming through the windows this morning while I sip my coffee. It is such a rare treat after so many grey and snowy days already. We have had over a foot of snow fall since it started snowing in October. I don’t mind the cold. I am careful on the snow walking and driving. I don’t really like shoveling it or snow blowing the driveway but it’s something that we do and I am ok with it. What I really don’t like is the grey days without a bit of sun.


I didn’t realize why I missed the sun so much until on a routine medical check I found my Vit D levels were so low. I can’t tell you how much better I feel already. I still miss the sun but I think that the vitamin is helping me with the physical problems of being deficient.

However, the grey days can get to you especially in the beginning of winter. I have been studying how people in Scandinavian countries do winter, because they seem to cope with it well. One of the things I found was they celebrate winter, gather together and have community. Even in snowy weather.

Well, that can be a problem. I haven’t had too many local gatherings over the last few years for many reasons. I usually have to travel to see family and friends which is a problem with the unpredictable weather. I decided to change that up this winter but I didn’t know how. Then I got 2 invitations to gatherings. I took a big risk and said yes to going and what a difference it has made!

Chatting with people, even if I don’t know them well, has been great fun. The first gathering was with friends from high school and their wives. It was great talking about all the old days, our days in the band and what everyone was doing. Very sweet.

The next gathering we made Christmas wreaths on the Opening Day of Deer hunting which is a pretty big deal here. I took a chance because I had never made a wreath from real branches before and I literally only knew the hostess. I had a great time and enjoyed the company. The wreath is on my porch already and represents a different way of looking at winter. A circle of people gathering, living, sharing , making and thriving in the freezing, grey days of winter. I think winter won’t feel quite as long now. I am planning more gatherings now.

Be creative and quilt on!



  1. We need snow as it’s been very cold here and gray along with it. The snow adds a brightness to the winter days. I also need vitamin D to get through winter it does help and sunny winter days are a huge bonus!
    Good for you for stepping out into gatherings, I have found a group of quilters at our community centre that has added a little extra fun into my life.

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