Saturday Morning Coffee

Saturday Mornings are a lovely way to embrace the hygge, especially in January. I am enjoying all it’s soft edges, warmth and comfy cozy offerings. I have listened to nature waking up. No snow this morning, nor for the weekend. I am hearing the birds call, squirrels run through the trees and I see it’s warm enough for the icicles to drip. It’s a wonderful quiet morning to think about what I want to do as I sip my mug full of warmth and energy. I can even leave home today and grocery shop. Maybe go on a nature drive to photograph animals. I want to work on a couple of quilt projects. I should clean the toilet and fold laundry. I do want to work out. Always a podcast to record, updates to social media. But today the focus is being comfy, cozy, soft and kind.

It is a great way to recover from the rough, sharp edges of the week. Unkindness breeding unkindness in day to day living. Times of change are upon us and there have been misunderstandings, rough edges and feeling pressure have been present. The news is full of stress and woe. The weather has been nothing but stress and woe. Very little daylight. The excesses of December have come home to roost in January. Loved ones having some health issues that need monitoring lingers in the mind. It is the other side of the human condition. It has infiltrated my existence this week and it was rough to shake until Saturday Morning. A balm for the soul.

The salt lamp glows gently in the corner. I hear people slowly moving around the neighborhood in their cars. The neighbor is digging out the last of the snow in his driveway. I am digging my way out in to a lighter, kinder and cozy world.

The coffee is warm, strong and invigorating.



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