Saturday Morning Coffee

January is the longest month. It feels 100 days long and stretches on and on forever here on the 45th parallel. It’s snowy. Temps are still cold. It’s the time when we start the year new with ideas of making change and sticking to resolutions. It’s when all the things we did in December come to the forefront. Or as my grandma would say ” all your chickens come home to roost.” So January, isn’t the most fun of months in my experience.

My January was long because it was lacking in sunshine. The snow piling up wasn’t out of the ordinary. Temps are warmer than in years past, so the cold isn’t terrible and we have been getting out when we can. That makes it much easier to get through January. It’s a time to clean up the house and work on projects. It’s a time for football, TV and movies. Its a time to enjoy the slow moving days and linger on the company you keep. It is a time to make things comfy, cozy and seek the hygge. January isn’t all reality checks with the realization that you are broke and chubby.

HOWEVER, I wanted to know why January felt 100 days long and today not only is January over but the National Weather Service gave me the answer that I was looking for. LACK OF SUNLIGHT is why and here is their data :

Zero percent of the days were Sunny and only 35% of the days were partly Sunny. That says it all for me. January feels 100 days long because we didn’t get much sun. My houseplants are showing signs of the lack of sun and so people do, too.

C’mon February we need sun. We need it! February is when cabin fever really sets in and I am hoping we get more sunshine to ward it off. In the meantime, I am starting to work on my Art journal. It will be a fun way to keep a journal without writing things down. A collection of ideas, snippets and inspiration for my future quilt projects. It will be a new thing to try and I want to use up my scraps of crafty stuff laying around. Go to My Creative Corner3 Facebook group to join me in my month long journey of making an Art Journal. Here is the link to the group:

Hope your January was more sunny and now I am celebrating the fact that it is February!



  1. Hi Vicki

    Up here in Alberta, we get lots of sun in the winter (although the days are short!). I think I appreciate that more when I hear from people like you who have to put up with clouds all the time. It was colder than usual this January. We had a couple nights where it got down to -40! But at least it was sunny!

    Today, we have glorious sun – not a cloud in the sky. But of course we do – it’s Groundhog Day. I don’t remember there ever being a Groundhog Day here when it wasn’t sunny. We have to use fake groundhogs. We don’t actually have real ones. Also, we will have at least 6 more weeks of winter regardless. But, February means we are over the worst of it! Yay!


    • This year the ground hog called for an early spring, yay! You are right we are in the downhill slide for winter. I am glad it hasn’t been so cold ! I am one who tries to enjoy each season but I am buying a SAD lamp soon! No wonder I am but d deficient!!


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