Saturday Moring Coffee

Drinking coffee this morning and reviewing all I have done this week and what I need to do this weekend. I have worked on my art journal, my BOM and I started an Improv Triangle quilt this week. I finished longarming my pineapple quilt and was thrilled with how it turned out. I may try to enter it in a quilt show. I will think about it.

Pineapple quilt off the frame

In addition, I finished my Patron Podcast for Feb and a Premium Podcast that will go live on Feb 18th. The biggest project now is to get the show notes written with all my links and pictures. I have never done a premium podcast so it is something new but so far Podbean makes it look easy.

I have to say I am really proud of the premium podcast. I think it has lots of good information for people and I covered all the things I wanted to for the episode. It is all about how you can find the Zen in creating to help you have a calmer life and also how creating with intention will help you be more creative. I believe it is something that can be available for the long term and featured on a web page or Etsy.

Star Bom called Solid as a Rock

I am going to focus on finishing my star BOM this weekend and work on my Art Journal. I am going to keep it low profile and chill. Our plan today is to look for the herd of Elk and tomorrow we most likely will be snowed in. That will give me plenty of time to clean up this place and sew. And tackle the never ending pile of laundry.

pothos overlooking the snow covered fairy gardens

Spring is still a long way off but I am dreaming of the fairy gardens. I took a little snippet of a Pothos plant from work and I am trying to root it in water. I bought a little Zebra striped succulent that’s cool. It is still alive, lol. I am returning to things I loved when I was a child. Plants, fairies and rocks. And that’s really cool.

Off to get some groceries and adult this morning,



  1. I’m still in awe of all you get done but I’m working on it! I got some buttonholes done on 3 out of 5 outdoor chair cushions I am refurbishing using some thrifted fabric. And started shopping for a new sewing machine. Ugh! Does that count? I’m in sunny southern CA and while that might sound nice, we get no snow days to catch up-always go, go, go! ! I feel like I cant start something fun until I get my sewing chores done . Maybe not a good idea?? Did I miss the pineapple quilt displayed all finished? Love what you did with it on IG post! Thanks for all the continued inspiration and work into the premium podcast. Definitely looking forward to checking that out and listening to new podcast this week.


    • Sounds wonderful to live in sunshine but I would have to really discpline myself to get work done! I think shopping for a sewing machine is super hard so it sure does count!

      The pineapple quilt had an off the frame picture and sometimes I forget to put them here on the blog. It needs a nice photo on a bed , when there is good lighting! Thanks for the comment!


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