Saturday Morning Coffee

The sun is streaming in the windows, the temps are slowly rising and the snow is melting a little and is supposed to continue through the weekend. The sun is a welcome sign that the winter will be ending sooner than later. I feel giddy in the sun, wearing sunglasses and a light jacket.

In fact, all this sun has me thinking about sorting and packing up boxes to go to the curb for the spring junk pick up. I know it isn’t until May, but I need to get a head start on it. I need to move when the energy is here for that nasty job because it doesn’t come around very often. I don’t really have much to go to a charity because by the time I am done with something it is really and truly trash.

I am thinking about a couple of quilts I would like to make. I really want to try to get one in for QuiltCon next year. I am planning on attending . I have NEVER made a quilt in that show and it really has become almost an obsession to figure out why I can’t get a quilt in. I have a few ideas brewing so maybe one will work out. I am really missing the show this year and I am stalking Instagram to see what is happening!

Off to adult and soak up some sun, clean and declutter, dream and stitch,


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