A little nostalgia

Be sure to check out Stephanie’s podcast Make and Decorate! I was interviewed and we had the best time chatting !

IG QuiltFest has started the nostalgia spiral!

A Slob Comes Clean blog/podcast : https://www.aslobcomesclean.com/

The Repair Shop: https://www.netflix.com/title/81224128

Zen and the Art of Creativity can be bout on Etsy or click the box in the upper Right of the page!

Call and leave me an audio comment at 231-577-6681 and maybe I will feature it on a future podcast!

Quilt on!!



  1. I miss blogs too, and the conversations that they encouraged. I still follow a bunch (that’s why I’m here) but I think they suffered a blow when google reader ended. It was so much easier than Bloglovin. And when you read on Bloglovin, you have to click through to the original blog to properly comment. Then, of course, instagram is so much easier – to post and to view. I only follow crafty people, so it’s always positive (unlike Twitter, which seems to make it impossible to escape the meanness).

    Darn. The Repair Shop is not on Netflix in Canada. But searching it brought up a bunch of shows I never knew they had. I love discovering fun stuff in the bowels of Netflix!

    When I look at the hands on the igquiltfest, I like to see well worn hands, with nicks and scars and maybe callouses. I think most of those that I’ve seen are like that. And they are beautiful!


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