Saturday Morning Coffee

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This week was full of summer like days full of sunshine and then the occasional rain. I have watched the garden grow overnight and the flowers are starting to bloom. I spent time weeding and thinning some places. I can’t wait to start the upgrades to the garden once my neighbor finishes their work on the property line. The garden will be reconfigured , arbor vitae planted as a screen in the back and enhance the cottage style old fashioned planting . The fairies and their homes were added to the garden and the solar lights are out and the annual pots placed. This year the pots have succulents in them. That is the sign that summer is here in my book. I have some things I want to add to the garden in my design plans and I still am contemplating making it a National Wildlife Federation Habitat Garden and then certifying it. We will see.

pot of succulents

I have been shopping online and all the things are coming in. It is so much more fun than shopping at the stores! I am hooked and so glad we have Prime. I am going to use it more and more. I really hate going to the stores and that was before Covid19! I feel like it is Christmas everyday.

morning dew on the hostas

I decided this was the week to get out in the community to prepare for going into the office for work while we transition from working at home. This will happen over the next few weeks. I drove my car around town. I walked the neighborhood. I have gone into a store on the weekend when it was busy. I may go grocery shopping with my husband. I need to acclimate myself to getting out because it has been a little harder than I thought it would be to get back into the community. I can see how one could easily become a hermit. I could order all my things online and then besides work, I would quilt and make crafty things all day!

And I have been making things. I am finishing up a customer t shirt quilt, I have started quilting another one. I continue to hand sew my hexies quilt, knit my cowl and work on Dear Jane. I haven’t worked on the Art Journal in a while but I feel inspiration coming for that. I have been slowly rearranging the crafty space.

full strawberry moon

Overall, I have spent enough time at home. The stay home orders have been lifted. Many businesses are slowly opening up with some orders to keep people apart and surfaces clean. I am ok with that. I am ok with masks. I am ok with doing what it takes to not spread the virus. I am not going to any gatherings this week. I am slowly building up to some travel to see family and friends. Day trips. I don’t think a hotel is in my future and food may be take out for a while.


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