Saturday Morning Coffee

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It is very chilly this morning , 41 degrees F, and I am glad I put my succulents in the garage. I don’t do a lot of tender annuals because it frosts often into June and I forget to protect the plants from the cold temps. Earlier in the week it was 90 degrees. I will take this cool temp over that any day.

I have been longarming quilts for customers. I have not done much sewing. I really have not had time or much motivation for any other crafts. I have been working hard from home and keeping the daily routine going. Pretty boring. The highlight of the week is when my beautician texted me for an appointment on the 30th for a haircut.

I have spent a lot of time watching YouTube videos about this springs Chelsea’s Flower show. It was a virtual show online and I have been enjoying it. I really want to tackle the garden but we are patiently waiting on our neighbor to finish their work so we can do ours. I fear it will take all summer and we won’t get to our part till next year. My husband says that we will be working on it soon . We will see who is right by the end of the summer , I sure hope he is.

Basically, this week has been boring and uneventful. I am wishing I could go on a vacation somewhere. Not yet with Covid rising in other states. We may be able to go see our family a few hours from here soon. Most places are opening up so limited travel is possible, important things like food and bathrooms are my biggest concern and that is a non issue at the moment. I will continue to long arm this week. I am going to spend more energy on exercising but I am not going to the gym that opened up. Just can’t bring myself to do it. I am not sure I ever will because of the germ factor. Hopefully the garage gym will be ready before winter.

If I get too bored, I will be tempted to paint the kitchen. I am terrible at painting but I need to find a summer project soon or I may start another quilt before I get the one done that I am working on . Ha ha ha the life of a creative.

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