A Quilty Adventure is about to begin!

It is time for a summerSew Along!!

Are you lookig for an adventure this summer? I always looked forward to the summer reading program at our local library every year when I was a little girl. It was a time when the imagination could go wild and I could have all kinds of adventures with the characters in each story. Do you still like to read? I know that I love books and my favorite are printed books. I can smell the pages of my favorites and the quietness of the library. It was also a cool haven to hang out in on a hot summer day. So many wonderful memories of reading and that is why Angel of Halo Inspirations and I are collaborating on this summer sew along. You are getting the first news of what the sew along quilt is and all the details !!!

This quilt has so many possibilities. You can make a minimalist quilt like the two I made in the pictures above or you can personalize yours with all kinds of embellishments. You could embroider your favorite book titles on the books, you could use selvage edges, or even use up all of your scraps ! Have ugly fabrics? This a perfect quilt for them!  This is a free sew along with patterns and instruction!Kick off will be in mid July with a Facebook live. The group where you can find me  is My Creative Corner3.  Halo Inspirations will do video teaching and education on her Facebook Group Halo’s Creative Kingdom. Is Instagram more where you hang out? Then once we kick off you can use this hashtag #summerquiltingtalesal, or you can find us on our blogs My Creative Corner3 or Halo Inspirations!

This will be a 4 week sew along. Here is what you can do to prepare :

 Join our groups so you don’t miss any of the instruction, tips and tricks on making this quilt!Follow Angel’s YouTube Page  Start sorting some fabric and strips in your scrap bin! Choose a background color and get 3 yards so you know you won’t run out (depending on how big you want to make this quilt)Check out some cool Book Shelf quilts on my Pinterest Board!I am so excited to start sewing with everyone. I have two free Foundation Paper Pieced blocks to share after the kick off. So you can put some items , besides books, on your shelves! Look forward to sewing along with you! Please contact me if you have questions!

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