A Summer Quilting Tale Sew Along begins!!!

Week 1 how to !

Angel did a lovely job with the video! I also wrote up a blog post and you can find it here with the free foundation paper pieced patterns and my notes to myself on how to make the Bookshelf Quilt. So many opportunities to make this your own, personal quilt. Wanna document Covid19? Great quilt. Wanna use scraps, ugly quilts or just try something new? Great quilt. Wanna make some online quilting friends? Check out My Creative Corner3 Facebook Group!

Here is my blog post! https://mycreativecorner3.wordpress.com/2020/07/17/a-summer-quilting-tale-sew-along-lets-begin/

Wanna share your quilt on Instagram ? use the hashtag #summerquiltingtalesal and there will be info in my highlights on IG.

Lets Quilt on!


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