Saturday Morning Coffee

Hey, is it really August 1st? I can’t believe it. I have settled into doing a few quilting projects right now and they are getting worked on daily. The garden is pretty much set for the rest of this year and I will continue to edit the day lilies as we go. We have to find the property line stakes to be sure we have room to plant trees in a month. We ordered a metal detector to find them and that adventure will begin Tuesday. Planting the Alberta Spruce trees may or may not happen. I am to the point I don’t care if it does, I just want the job done.

I am glad we are almost done with painting the kitchen, final touch up paint and ceiling is today. We have cabinet knobs to put in and new switch plates. All the little details should be done this week. I am ready for that to be done too.

So I am in a getting it done mode. That is typical for August because we have to get ready for the fall clean up. I know , I know, how can you be thinking about that. Well, sometimes it snows in Sept or October and the leaves occasionally fall then. We need to be ready and this year we are! We have a garden tractor , dump trailer and a big leaf blower.

This time of summer, I feel like a little squirrel working hard to be ready for the winter. I miss being able to get out and go visit people, places and experiences but we are pretty shut down here with the pandemic. So far, I am busy enough to keep from missing the things we usually do and it keeps my mind occupied when I start missing people and going to visit them.

Coffee is gone, the sun is up, and I need to get to work on these projects before I fall down the internet rabbit holes and waste daylight!

Have a wonderful weekend,


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