Saturday Morning Coffee

Halloween Card Collection

Today is the best weather we have had all week. After tons of rain, a bit of snow and a whole bunch of grey and gloomy days , it is Halloween in a pandemic. I haven’t passed out candy in years because it is so expensive. So not handing out candy isn’t a big deal. Most of the trick or treaters go to the downtown event and that was canceled this year, like everything else. As a extreme introvert, taking a break from all the gatherings in public is ok with me. I used to walk downtown during the trick or treat time to see the costumes and feel the energy but today I am doing something different.

My Halloween crafts

I am going to do a free painting class today. I am going to observe the Blue Moon tonight. In between, I am going to finish my Halloween quilt. I saved the last row for today. I am going to make Halloween treats for my husband and I , apple oatmeal muffins. I can’t eat candy like a kid anymore. Overall, a fun Saturday to relax. And watch Football! Michigan vs Michigan State the big rivalry game.

So a year much like most years in how I observe the kick off to the long winter. Snow will be here soon. The leaves have fallen and the killing frosts have arrived. Nature has continued the the changing of the seasons in the usual way. However, the world is very different with all the restrictions of the pandemic, the fear of what the winter will bring with the virus but I am going to do all the things I usually do with a few special things like the Painting class. Which is something I have always wanted to do.

Then we roll the clocks back an hour tonight and I am going to enjoy the extra hour of rest. I am going to start preparing for the long winter tomorrow.

Happy Halloween !!



    • Thanks Connie! I am keeping busy and enjoying it as much as possible. I am hoping that once the long winter is over that we can get out a little more and see family. It’s snowing to best the band today to all of my prep is paying off.


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