Saturday Morning Coffee

This week I have been energized by the warm sunny days. I went for a walk. I cooked meals, I baked apple muffins using the apples from our trip to the orchard. I made things and it felt so good!

Here is the recipe link. These are supposed to be healthier and I think better on the glycemic index! I would make them again, the texture is a little different from other muffins, but they taste great!

I have a long weekend off work because I had dental work. I also needed a break. Things are fine at work and I continue to work from home. I just realized the other day I canceled 2 vacations and nearly canceled a third. I decided to keep the week of thanksgiving as a vacation. I need time off. I am not doing anything but work on customer quilts and make things for my upcoming staycation.

I have discovered that I have lots to learn in using my Circut Maker. I have been following Jennifer Makers website since I bought my maker. She has a great YouTube channel and offers free lessons as well as SVGs to make your projects. This week she hosted an event with 40 makers who did virtual classes with freebies and how to make their projects. I was able to snag a free ticket and I learned so much! I feel more confident on using my machine and learned new skills!

Today we plan to take advantage of the nice weather forecast and work in the yard a little. Once those chores are done the big project focus is building the home gym. We have most of the equipment but missing a few key things to use the weights. We should be able to order our cardio machine in a few weeks. Getting gym equipment has been difficult in a pandemic but we are slowly getting there.

I am gonna grab another cuppa! I hope you are having a lovely day where ever you are and be well!


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