More ripping than stitching

I had an epic disaster at the end of the last quilt I made. The bobbin case wasn’t set properly and it jammed. I let the machine sit for several days before loading another quilt on the longarm frame. I knew that long arm was gonna be a pain to get it to stitch properly. Boy, was I right.

I spent an hour of stitching, ripping, testing , stitching, ripping and stitching, I tried every thing I knew. I reset the tension, rethreaded the machine and reset the new needle several times. It sputtered a little , then started sewing properly. I have no idea what was wrong but you can see by the picture that it was making loops on the bottom of the quilt. I believe the needle and rethreading it was the trick.

I was a little exhausted from all the setting changes but I managed to get some stitching done before I stopped for the day.

I am working from home during the pandemic and that will continue into next year. I long arm on my lunchbreak. All is going well with the routine of working from home since I have been doing it since last March. I am adding in 5 min of exercise before each meal and that seems to be helping with my sugars and fitness. Overall, things are going ok. It is like the quilt, somedays there is an big amount to untangle to get a little bit done. But I got something done today and that’s what makes me feel good!


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