Saturday Morning Coffee

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Today is the beginning of my vacation for the week. I have to get groceries first thing this morning. I have no plan for meals. I will wing it this week for meals. I think I will look for a turkey breast and if we can’t find one we will go with steaks for Thanksgiving. Just the two of us, and we will see what is available at the store. I hear that the toilet paper aisle is starting to get raided. I hope not.

I am going to spread out all my chores to one or two a day this week. I think that is how I would like to do them when I retire. I plan to work for another decade but it is fun to think about it and dream. We still can’t decide if we want to stay in our old house in Northern Michigan or move to a warmer climate. I have time to think about it but again it is fun to dream and look at places online to research. I have looked at Zillow in New Mexico and in Mid Michigan. Its interesting.

I am going to work on getting the quilt currently on the frame finished. It is a pretty applique quilt and I am working on a custom quilt job. I am making it up as I go along. Hey a winging it theme today. I like to live life with a loose framework of what needs to be done, what I want to get done and then improvise a bit along the way.

I got this infographic at work. I love it and I plan to do a stealth mindfulness reset this week. Totally grateful and being centered and zen. They need to add a little block for creating and crafting. I think I am going to listen to my premium podcast again called Zen and the art of making. I think this little staycation will help me reset and be more able to cope with the pandemic fatigue setting in.

Off to the grocery store!



  1. Good luck at the grocery store. I haven’t been inside a grocery store since April or May, although my husband does go in sometimes. Don’t think he’ll be doing that for a while – TX numbers are really, really bad.

    Thanks for the “steak for Thanksgiving” idea. I think that’s what we will do also.

    I’ve been retired for five years now and still don’t have much of a routine – sometimes the chores get done, sometimes they don’t. But I do have a bunch of deadlines for quilts that I’ve got to get completed. Two swap mini-quilts, a customers quilt on the longarm, and a memory quilt. Whew, I need to get off the internet and get going 😁


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