Groundhog’s day

Yesterday my Amazon order came in. I ordered this tea because I saw it being tasted on the Try channel. I got the mint and Its good. Its organic and the company seems to give back to their communities. I love the container it came in and I will save it for storage , maybe my crochet hooks or Cricut tools.

I spent the day working on my creative projects. I have more fleece for the winter hoods to sew, thanks Walmart for precut yardage! I made a huge amount of progress on my crochet shawl. I even got out my Kinship quilt and sewed a few blocks. Today’s progress will be much the same. I may even get my Cricut fired up and make some snowflake earrings. I need to sort out the things I have made for gifts and start packaging them up to ship so they get to their destinations in time for Christmas.

All that to say, staycation is going well. I feel relaxed already . I have lost a couple of pounds. I have time to cook proper meals and snacks. Household chores are done and I feel “ahead” of my mental schedule. I wish this was everyday and it will one day but not now.

It really just shows me that when I am working, I allow the stress of it to get to me. I snack too much. Sit in a chair too long working, and don’t take enough breaks. I already know this but staycation really impresses what I KNOW and what I need to do to change. Move more, have healthy snacks on hand. Maybe have crochet by the desk for meetings, get up more and move, drink more water, and breathe more, lots more. And every time I start feeling a bit stressed, I should do some exercise because I sit way too long.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I have a low key day planned and I don’t have any food prep to do today. I am very thankful for so much that even the pandemic can’t take the thankful spirit away. I have decided that I am coming out of this a stronger person, hopefully a little lighter and full of hope.



  1. I couldn’t agree more with the way work affects our health. I have sun many a coworker retire and get into much better shape because their new life allows it so much easier! Whose idea was this 8-5 work day anyways??? But I like all your ideas of just keep adjusting the best we can. I’m off 5 consecutive days since last December and already feel my blood pressure coming down, LOL!
    Enjoy your week-love your updates!


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