Strange texts

The strangest thing happened yesterday that reminded me of reality versus the perfect little bubble of Zen I had been living in for the past several days. I had been sewing and had a Facebook live. I had been cleaning the house up. The day had been going fantastically well and I was on a roll of positivity. I even hopped on the long arm with my brain full of positive things and I quilted as much as I wanted for the day, I felt so satisfied. As I finished, my phone started to blow up with tons of text messages. What the heck?

I had my number spoofed. I was part of a group text of about 20 unknown phone numbers as we were getting a bot sending us links, over and over. I am sure these were porn because there were key words in the preview of the texts that led you to that conclusion. What was the worst was the horrible things PEOPLE texted back. I mean seriously why would you think a real person would jam your phone with those types of text messages!

Hours later after speaking with my wireless carrier, I realized I didn’t have my free virus protection program enabled. I don’t know how that happened! I also learned a few things to do if this happens again and I have a phone number blocking app on my phone. It really wasn’t a huge deal and was more annoying than anything.

But I felt like I had been betrayed a bit. I have had a few more strange texts since this firestorm of messages and every time I get a text notification on my phone I feel a level of panic start. I am working through it. I was so upset, why would people do such dumb things. What is the end game here? Harrassment? Identity theft? I just don’t get it. And it really upset me at the end of the day.

I am focusing on the good things in people versus the negative things that are bombarding us daily. I am doing my stealth Zen mindfulness today. I am also going to do all the healthy things like eat well, exercise and above all stay off my phone!



  1. I’m so sorry that happened! I hate when a good day gets messed up like that! Sometimes those “live and learn” days are on the painful side.
    I sure have been getting a large amount of unidentifiable numbers lately. What app did you use to block numbers? Good for you not to let it ruin your week and share what happened so we could learn too.


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