Saturday Morning Coffee

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Finally some sunshine is peeking through the windows. I have my coffee in hand and I am thinking about the day. Quite honestly, I have done everything I wanted to do this past week on my staycation. I was a good week to take some time off. I feel refreshed and ready to dig into the everydayness of the upcoming winter.

I have all the hygge going. Warm quilts, soft glowing lights, a diffuser for all the good smells, and abundance of hot teas to choose from. I have lots of yarn to crochet , or knit , and a plethora of things to make crafty things. I am all set to hibernate. It is a mind shift for me to settle in for winter versus the fight to want to get out into the world to travel and see places and people. This is an annual event for me but this year it has been a little more difficult shift due to the pandemic and being home for about 8 months now.

I am really thinking this could be an amazing time to pause from the hustle and bustle of the world. I don’t think it will be the ‘new normal’ at all. I am taking the time to do something vs what I have been doing the last several months and that is wail about how awful the social distancing has been since many people I have run into won’t respect it, how awful some people have shown themselves to be, how I am beginning to miss all the festivals with travel and how stressed I was over the election.

Actually, for me staying home has been quite simple, easy and not a stretch for me, being a huge introvert and all.

This weekend I think I am going to work on my projects. Listen to my Gen X music on Sirius Radio via my Roku, and possibly watch a few travel videos on places I want to visit in the future. And go for a walk in the sunshine. Definitely walk in the sunshine.


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