Smooth Stitching

the Jane Shawl

Another sunrise on the 45th parallel, a hard frost is on the ground. I was delighted to see the birds found the feeders in the garden. I have seen chickadees, nuthatches and Blue Jays, so far. Once one bird finds it, the whole neighborhood of birds will find it soon. We may go back to the Tractor Supply store for another shepherd’s hook and feeder that will accommodate the Jay’s for a total of three in the garden. We will have to decide quickly before the ground is frozen solid.

Today is the last day of staycation. My husband is hunting deer all day so I am going to stitch all day. I have started my 6th Jane Shawl with hobby lobby yarn and so far, I like it the best of all the yarn’s I have used for this project. I will buy more of it in the future. It is an acrylic Sugar Wheel. I like how it crochets up and I like the price. I just can’t stop making these shawls!! There is something very Zen about it. I am also going to do a little sewing and possibly a bit of long arming. No cleaning today!

I am going to try to squeeze out every last ounce of staycation I can today. I am already feeling a little of the last day of the vacation blues this morning but that is normal. I don’t expect that work will be terribly busy tomorrow. I am tempted to log on to the computer today to check my schedule, clear out the email box and voice mail. But I am not going to, I am going to save that for in the morning for when I am on the clock for work.

I have enjoyed my time at home off from work. I am hesitant to call it a vacation because we are in the middle of the pandemic and I am just doing what we are asked to do: Limit gathering, social distance and wear a mask. I have been. It was hard over the holiday but I feel that it was the thing I needed to do but I am feeling a little bit irritated from distant relatives who are judging. They are saying things like I am following the lockdown rules because I am “afraid” of Covid. Nope, not at all. I won’t join the business and people who are flipping the bird to the health dept and not following the rules. I won’t support them in the future either. A gathering of those outside of my household and with others who are still gathering with others is a big nope for me too. It’s too cold to be outside for a proper social distanced visit.

I am not afraid. I am making the decision to follow the suggestions because the hospitals are filling up, there are nursing shortages, and medical care is not easy to get for routine appointments let alone emergencies. I am trying to help my profession, follow the health department’s guidelines and most of all follow my heart. I am willing to not do things that are high risk right now. I am not afraid, I don’t want to be the one to give this damn thing to my family member, my patients or potentially you. I am willing to say that Covid fatigue is a real thing and I am getting as worn down by it as the next person.

Back to staycation mode,



  1. I couldn’t agree more with your Covid protocol and all your reasoning. It’s nice to be at an age where you can do what’s right for you and not care so much about the people that judge you. It’s a blessing your husband felt the same so you could be united in your stand. The California weather was perfect so being outside in the garden doing cleanup and planning for next spring was wonderful. Especially because my horrible neighbors were gone for the day so I could truly enjoy the whole afternoon!
    I’m trying to have a good attitude about work tomorrow too though it won’t be easy as I know many, many MANY at work were among those ignoring Covid precautions and had or went to large gatherings. Sad but true so I have decided to keep my office locked for the 2 weeks and put up a sign to call or email me 😂. Wish me luck!
    I’m glad you enjoyed your time off and I really enjoyed all your blogging and IG posts!


    • It’s so true that at my age I am pretty confident in my decisions and not worrying so much about others, however, it all gets so draining this 2020.

      I was blessed with 50 degree weather for 2 days and I was able to get out and walk. My neighborhood has been especially quiet and that’s the way I like it! And when I do have to go to the office in the future my door will be shut also. That’s a good policy in my book !

      Thanks for your comment and I hope the week is good to you!


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