Changed the table scape today

I like to do things in 15 minute increments. But some things I have found that 15 min can be too long. Right now , exercise for 15 min straight. It’s too long. So I decided to cut it in half and do it 3 times a day. There was a big exercise movement a decade or so ago about the 7 min exercise plan. I am trying to do some moderately paced cardio for that amount of time several times a day. I hope that I work up to a longer workout in the garage gym that will start to get put together for use this week. While I work from home I may go out there and do a few 7 min workouts each day. I know one day I will be going back to the office and hopefully by then I can do a longer workout. Or maybe I will continue a few 7 min exercises there too just to keep it moving.

I need to keep getting stronger as I have noticed my lack of physical activity over the course of the pandemic has lead to me getting weaker overall and in poorer health. It just snuck up on me over the summer as it was too hot to walk outside. Fall was my allergies and overall feeling quite sickly. I became very sedentary. I decided I can control my general fitness level. I am starting here where I can do something and not wait for the pandemic to be over to address it. I want to finish the year literally stronger than where I started.

I am making a list of several things I would like to finish in my 15 minutes focused creating sessions by the end of December so I can finish strong.

  • make 6 more hoods
  • put snaps on all projects needing them
  • Finish piecing Kinship Fusion Sampler
  • Finish binding the bookshelf quilt
  • finish the T shirt quilt top
  • Finish long arming the Valentine quilt
  • Longarm the Baby quilt
  • Get a start on the sew along quilt
  • Make 2 art journal pages
  • Make 2 shadow boxes

And that will get me off to a good start on the New Year and the planned sewing . The rest of the winter will be long arming all the tops in my stack, then bind them before the warm days of spring are here.

Tomorrow I think I will talk a little about my Flylady mashup housekeeping goals


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