Finish Strong

recent Kinship blocks

I just have to finish a couple of things this week. I am about 75% done with the longarm quilt on the frame. I am 60% done with the kinship sampler. About 75% done on another quilt and creeping along on my crochet shawl. The theme here is that I need to finish things this week before I can move on to other projects.

I usually get bored about this point in the project. I start procrastinating a bit. I really have to push myself to get it done before moving on to the next. What is really happening is that I have mentally started the next project before I have finished the one at hand.

Kinda like the football player who catches an incredible pass and sees the end zone as if he has scored a touch down. Then he gets tackled by the defenders because he didn’t finish the play, he had already done the touchdown celebration in his mind. He had only completed about 75% of the play, as good as it was. Many times the football gets fumbled before the player gets to the end zone because he didn’t pay attention to the job at hand and he mentally wandered away from his job.

Yep, I am mentally wandering. Its fun for a little bit. It great to flip from project to project in my mind. I have some quilt fabrics pulled, a few test blocks made. Searching the patterns online and all the Black Friday sales on fabric to woo me to another project that I just have to do! It’s all so much fun to dream and plan about the fun things in the future that I want to make. But I have to finish what I am working on this week.

Or it won’t ever make it to the finish. I may fumble and miss a deadline or worse yet just keep starting some great things but never finish them. That makes me a little nuts. I need to finish things and clear off the worktable. And clear my mind from all the unfinished things just hanging around in there.

I am going to finish up the WIPs and UFOs this month. There aren’t many of them and if I just get moving on them they will be done. Focus! They are lovely projects but I have moved on in my mind and that isn’t going to get me anywhere . I need to finish this year strong. 2020 has been many things and I choose to end it strong and not a series of half baked things in my life.

I know this is a common thing for creatives. Many projects are so detailed and complicated that it takes a very long time to do them. We want to try something new and that can over ride the current project. I have so found some things that were 99 percent done. All I needed to do was trim up loose threads, stitch a binding or bury threads. Crazy. Just finish it.

That’s really my big insight for my life. Stop doing things only most of the way and getting distracted by the shiny, sparkly and new things. Just finish it, and finish strong. Then the mind is cleared and move on to the next thing .

Be Creative and Quilt on!



  1. I will finish this year will several quilts ready to complete next year. I to get bored with projects. When that happens, I move to the next one. I keep a list going right here beside my computer. As I do one block, I line it off and write the next on the bottom of the list. All the way to finishing the quilt. It seems to work for me and instead of my sewing being all over the floor, its now in containers on a shelf. Makes it so much easier for me. Completed blocks are together with pant hangers on the end of the ironing board. I can’t start another quilt until I empty a hanger. Anway this system seems to be working for me and Iook forward to quite a few finishes early next year!


    • It sounds like a great system! I am finding that I have to get these things done or they make me nuts and if I have too many going at once I feel paralyzed!

      We all need a system that works for us. I have time of day that also dictates when I do something… Computer work in am, longarm before and at lunch, handwork in the evening. Sew when I have a minute. It works for me because I have a routine that doesn’t change.


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