Friday finally rolled in

pic of winters past

Friday is finally here! 8 more hours till the weekend and I can be free from the work a day world for a couple of days. The feeling of escape is upon me. It never ceases to amaze me how slow time goes when you are working and how fast time can go when you are not.

I have plans to get a quilt off the frame this weekend. I have plans to get groceries . I want to slowly get a few Christmas decorations out. And make stuff. Not the things that a big exciting weekend is made of for some folks but it is for me these days. Last year we were making plans on all the things we could do , places to go, people to see. I enjoyed it.

I have turned into a real homebody since the pandemic started. I am finding that I can actually not leave this house for a week at a time. It used to make me stir crazy. I can keep busy . It is amazing how many things I can find to do. It is also amazing how much garbage I can watch on TV , how much time I can waste doing nothing and how little time I need to spend on chores that used to occupy my mind constantly.

Maybe this is what midlife is all about. Chill and weekend. Chill and watch shows. Chill and just be. Chill and watch several football games in a row. Chill and be Zen.


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