Saturday Morning Coffee

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How is it possible that when it is so cold outside that you can get fruit flies or gnats in the house? I have been killing them, spraying the plants with Neem oil which usually takes care of the problem and cleaning up to get rid of them! They are making me a little nuts. They fly to my food, my computer screen and worst of all, my coffee!! SOOOOO Annoying.

I think nature is trying to take over my house. I am still hearing the mouse scurry about in the kitchen. I keep thinking that we are rid of it, I can’t bear the thought that there is more than one or a heard of mice in this old house, but then scritch scritch scritch. It makes me feel like the house is dirty and infested. My imagination is thinking of thousands of them running through the walls like an old Looney Toons cartoon playing the factory music as they bustle about their little mouse day of work complete with little hard hats and black lunchboxes. It’s not that bad. Mice are as common up here as cockroaches are elsewhere. They are just a pain to get rid of and getting a cat is out of the question due to my allergies. But I still think of them marching about with their little hardhats, ha!

I think that today I am going to help my husband start to set up the garage gym. Most of the equipment has been trickling in over the fall. I think we will need to rearrange things a bit and store the large mowing deck and other things until we can get a shed next spring. We couldn’t get one last summer because the pandemic made the building supplies short. We will have the winter to decide what we want. Its these little things that start to get a little irritating . Want a shed, nope no supplies. Want to order your rowing machine? Nope backordered for 6 months. Want a stove? After months of searching, we found one on a Black Friday sale and it is coming Monday. We have been limping along now since the pandemic started with the old stove. Supplies and materials are short.

I have been super thankful for so much but this week has shown me that there are some things that just have been huge , slow and simply irritating since we are in a pandemic. I didn’t realize how many things would be affected until I started to need them. It is like the age old problem when I have the time to do something I usually don’t have the money to do the project and when I have the money , I don’t have the time.

When you have nothing to do during a pandemic you wanna do projects and then there is a worldwide shortage of key supplies to do said project. I think we will at least have the weights and squat rack set up. Cardio machine is on back order but maybe by the New Year we will have it. In the meantime I do my 7 min marching in place in the house a few times a day. I am spraying the plants to kill the gnats and declaring war on the mice. We have too many supplies in this house to be ruined by the mice and I am talking about my toilet paper stash!

Have a great weekend!



  1. I sure get the time/ money scenario! The story of my life! The pandemic has definitely halted my thrift store shopping but fortunately (or unfortunately ) I discovered Etsy fabric shopping through a few of my favorite IG people. I LOVE it! I have been able to accumulate a little stash and have several projects through 2021. Which I would hate mice getting into! Hope you catch the little critters and send them off in their little hats to work in the fields! Have a great weekend and let’s hope we both get at least half the list crossed off while enjoying our time.😊


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