Year of Color

Is it too early to start talking a year in review? I think so but for the year of color in review on my social media posts , namely Instagram, it is not! I am happy that I have so much more color and brights in my feed this year. There is a reason for that.

I decided to make my Instagram more relaxed. Not curated like I was trying and I took my account off a business account. It just wasn’t working and it was causing me some stress. I am not doing that anymore. I decided that I wanted all of my social media accounts to be a little more personal, use snapshots of being in the moment and not a stuffy like a business account. I like it much better now.

I still want to promote my podcast and quilting but it is a hobby and I like it that way , not the main focus of the accounts. I am also using my Instagram feed to be the photos on this blog. It has come to my attention that I ran out of photo space on the blog and pictures that I posted were not being seen by anyone but me on the blog! I tried to fix it back to the beginning of Blogmas. So thanks for those who let me know!

2021 Kona color of the year is one of my favorites and it blends well with other color palates. I use it often and I plan to use it again this next year. Let’s see what the Pantone color of the year is. I don’t usually make things with those colors specifically because they were chosen as colors of the year but I like to watch the trends in what colors are determined to be the annual Color of the Year. I think the Kona color looks like a calm sky, a calm lake and that means Zen to me. A year of Zen colors. PS I love this color so that much many years ago I painted my porch and a bedroom accent wall this color. I love it! Several of the color experiments I tried I found that I couldn’t live with and painted over right away but not this color. I love color, I love Zen and I love mixing it all with a light an airy background in my house.

Be creative and Quilt on!


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