Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good. And that has been the theme around here for the past couple of weeks. We fell into this Black Friday Sale at Home Depot for stoves. We have been looking for months and the delivery time was months. However, this appliance was a deeply discounted model and we had it installed yesterday because last week we were a little bit busy. It is lovely. It has the griddle and steam cleaning the oven. Something I have never heard of, and hopefully I won’t need to use it anytime soon. First meal was cooking chicken nuggets and Aldi frozen apple dumplings. It works well so far, and now I need to find some recipes to cook something amazing in it.

The next project has been a pandemic project, too. For months we have been collecting bits and pieces to put together a home gym. It has literally been months. We ordered lots of things that were back ordered and took a long time to get here. We drove a long ways to buy used free weights. This week we hope to order the cardio machine that has been back ordered. We had to go to a bigger farm store Saturday to pick up the floor mats and then the gym went up! Now I need to figure out how to do some resistance band workouts until I am strong enough to lift a 45 pound bar. So exciting.

So Christmas came a little early this year. I think it will help me jump start my next year on a journey to be healthy.


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