Hygge is here

I did a little research lest I sound overly dramatic but the dark days of winter are here. In December we get 8.6 hours of daylight on a good day, mostly weak and through clouds and in July we get over 15 hours usually of clear, blistering hot sun! So yes, we are in the darkest days as we approach solstice and then can look forward to longer hours of daylight as the new year dawns. I got the information here: Day Length (orchidculture.com)

The season of cozy, snuggly, soft candle light and hot foods is here. I have been making soups and stews in the instant pot. I have started to light candles to have soft light. The quilts are out to warm up in and my wools socks as well as all my hand knit socks from my Aunt are being worn. I have my hand knit and crocheted shawls on as well. Its darn chilly in this house even though we havent had terribly low temps. It is still below freezing with very strong winds.

I have decided to not be a bump on a log , wrapped in my toasty warm garb waiting for spring. I am trying to keep my routine going. Hibernation is not an option for humans! I am still doing my quilting, hand work and house keeping but trying different times of day when the light is better , even with my blinding task lighting. I am trying to workout more routinely and more vigorously because I need it or I will be a weak old lady who wishes she could walk and garden in the spring. I am trying to not bake 10,000 sugar laden cookies and breads in my new stove and gain any weight. It is all about keeping on keeping on. Nothing left to do but do it and all that .

But, there is nothing wrong with savoring things during the dark, cold months. Like sipping on your hot coffee and letting the heat from the mug warm your cold hands, or jumping into a frosty cold bed with your favorite quilt with its toasty warmth keeping you comfortable. Or enjoying the warm light from my candles and smelling the scents of the season with my diffuser.

I have decided to celebrate each season for what it offers. I plan to get more of my sparkly Christmas decorations out and make a decision on if we are going to have a big tree or little tree(s) this season. Whatever we decide it will be more sparkle and glow to the house making each day a little brighter, more festive and cozy. Even during a pandemic.



  1. Such a nice cozy post! I love my cup of coffee in bed in the early morning while the house is warming up. It’s my favorite routine this time of year. I look forward to more sunlight and lengthening days come January but I am perfectly content to wear winter sweaters and socks, have warm handwork in my lap in the evenings and dream of spring flowers. My winter is much shorter than yours (snow in July right?)so I’m relishing every cool day I get!


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