Friday always bring a little excitement because it is the last day of the workweek. Anticipation of the weekend is in the air even at 6am. It has been another busy work week that has drained me of my energy, my brain space and zapped my creativity. I have been doing a few things to clean and tidy most days. A couple of workouts, cooked a little bit more and hopefully we can get groceries tonight to batten down the hatches for a snow storm. The week wasn’t a total washout.

I think a bit of hot soup or stew is on the menu. Bake something good. Drink hot coffee and tea all weekend. Watch Time Team reruns, football and my favorite YouTubers. I will also ponder how some new YouTubers can catch lightning in a bottle and become monetized so fast. I also ponder ideas for new channels, podcasts and blog posts. Lots of pondering.

Sounds like the perfect weekend! I am also going to savor the moments as I am home doing all the things I love without too much interruption of the rat race of work, the flurry of activity on the weekends and trying to wedge in all the things to be productive, clean and fit.

I hope we get to fire up the big snowblower. We bought it and it has hardly been used. Maybe thats the key to a light winter. Spend a ton of money on a snowblower and you won’t need it. Ha!



  1. Even though I am no longer working, Friday night still requires a treat. Brownies tonight and a movie.
    Showtime has been free this month so we have been recording and watching movies. Our internet, TV service is tremendously expensive; we have only one provider in this area no choices. Looking forward to replacing our television, top fourth of the screen is distorted. Received my first social security check this month, a new television to mark that event. Unless you need a television the size of a refrigerator they are very inexpensive. I don’t want a television to be the focal point of the living area and we don’t watch regularly.

    Would really like a big snow this year. We don’t have county snow removal for our road. When snow comes the neighborhood men compete to see who will be out plowing first. Coffee and hot soup for them provided at many neighbor houses.


    • I am sorry it took me a little to reply to your comment, which I appreciate so much! Hows the transition to retirement going ? We got a bit snowstorm and next week will be really cold. I enjoy winter and when the sun decides to shine it makes my day very happy. The neighborhood competition to plow the roads sounds wonderful! I really miss having a “neighborly” group of friends but we are the oldest folks on the block so we are slowly getting to know the neighbors. This weekend my winter treats will be baking up some goodness in the oven to warm up the house, lol


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