Slow Down Sunday

I am slowing down today and enjoying the new snow. I am looking out the window to see if the birds are at the feeder, looking at the shifting snows, at the plows clearing the roads and parking lots. A day of simple pleasures, cozy quilts, a little hot coffee and tea, playing games on my phone and overall just chill.

I have made some paper ornaments for my Norfolk Island Pine that I am decorating for Christmas. I love this idea of new little ornaments and using up the supplies I have for decorating. I was quite suprised that when I ventured out to Hobby Lobby yesterday in our big 4wd truck that they were nearly sold out of Christmas and putting up spring items. I was a little disappointed but it motivated me to make my own stuff.

Today is St Lucia Day and I was reminded of this on my digital Advent Calendar that I bought from my Jacquie Lawson. It is Nordic themed and has lovely animations, traditional Nordic music and games. I love the games. The video for today was about St Lucia. I was reminded of when I learned about the music that was played today.

When I was a young girl, my grandma brought us a Magnus Chord Organ. It had all the books in it. It was an organ that was made for beginners and those who didn’t read music to learn to play. I loved playing that organ all the time. One book was old tunes and St Lucia folk tune was in it. I looked at the pictures and learned about the festival. I so wanted to dress in a white gown , wear a crown of greenery with candles and march in a parade. I think I would still want to do that to this day but the candles would be LED powered!

This beginners organ had a an innovative way to number the keys, fingers and chords on it. I really think that it helped me learn to read music at a young age. I have since learned how to play hanging chords with my left hand and plink around on my old keyboard because playing string intruments is too painful right now. I think I will even download a free sheetmusic today and play St Lucia.

Snow has made it feel very festive and I am going to pull out the lights for the tree and slowly decorate it up. I get table top trees now that I am of AARP age



  1. The snow is lovely. Dull and gray for us the Bluegrass. Our tree has been set-up; first time in 3 years because of a very active kitten we adopted. Now that she is older she hasn’t bothered it too much; we did only put ornaments on the top 2/3’s of the tree to lessen temptation. Were the cricut pieces difficult to make?

    We have begun our winter exercise maintenance. Pedaling recumbent bikes while listening to audio books. I have limited mobility in my shoulders/arms (several car accidents caused by impaired drivers) already declining from a summer of improvement. Insurance co-pay for physical therapy is $90.00 a visit – twice a week would be $180.00! My husband made a trip to Home Depot and duplicated one of the beneficial stretching equipment pieces. Range of motion is already better.. Less than $20 of hardware. My Grandmother always told us “take care of you pennies and the dollars take care of themselves.”


    • I have started working out in the garage gym and we got our rowing machine. I am so excited. We feel so please about doing it and ahead of the New Year New You thing that I get sucked into every January. I hope the kittens are leaving your tree alone this year! thanks for commenting!


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