Saturday Morning Coffee

Photo by Jess @ Harper Sunday on

The familiar rumblings in the neighborhood woke me up at 6 am. Snow plow trucks! We must have received some snow overnight and 10 inches in total is on its way today. I am ready. We went to the grocery store last night after dinner. We were able to get everything we needed and today we hunker down.

The cars were parked in their winter formation in the driveway one behind the other vs side by side so the snow blower can come out of the garage and clean the driveway easily. Hopefully the barometric pressure stabilized so I don’t get a return of yesterdays headache from the insane barometric drop!

As the winter wonderland unfolds, I am going to get more Christmas decorations up. I am going to make ornaments for the tree and leave most of the old ones packed away. I feel like I need a fresh, new way to celebrate. I don’t want to open the pandora’s box of the old decorations and release all the memories of the past. This year, they need to stay packed away and new memories will be made. I have tons of things I could make on the Cricut and that will be perfect. Seems the best way to cope with this pandemic and I am facing the reality that we won’t be going anywhere soon, we won’t be seeing family in person and there won’t be any holiday parties, concerts or events. But, I can make my own private celebration at home. I can play my music and instruments. I could watch events online. It won’t be the same but it would be a great substitute.

When the sun rises , we will see how much snow is out there. Must be a few inches already because the neighborhood is silent under its new blanket. No cars driving by , especially loud muffler man neighbor who drives by every 3 hours from 7 am to 7 pm. His loud muffler and habits are making me a little nuts in reality. There are no dogs barking, no birds. No wind, yet. It is the literal calm before the storm.

I am going to ride it out by doing all my things. Maybe I can make some apple bread. I will look up a recipe. Sewing is always there. Crochet. Christmas shop on Amazon. Workout in the garage gym. Terrible football on TV. And we will see where the inspiration of the day takes me! Christmas decorations will commence.

The world looks fresh with the new blanket of white and I feel as if I have a fresh start today. The grind of the workweek has fallen away and I am ready to indulge myself with a huge helping of the weekend.


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