TGIF and what is Self Care

Today is going to be spent doing continuing education. I thought I was done but I realized that I am not. This isn’t the worst way to be spending my workday. I get bored doing these classes but at home I can crochet or do other things to relieve restlessness that comes with sitting and watching boring videos or reading medical journals for hours on end. It will get done, the pandemic just set this as a bottom priority and here we are staring at the deadline – Jan 1- no pressure. NOT!

I must admit, I do operate best under a little pressure. I sometimes find I procrastinate a tiny bit then have a bit of pressure to the situation and it gets done asap. I even find the pressure helps me creatively. I don’t really know why but when things have a ton of time to do something , or wide open spaces then I veer off track and find myself making a Christmas Bunting when I realized last night I wasn’t quite done with the Christmas sewing I have been working on and now it won’t be ready to mail so it will be late. Unless there is a small miracle that will let me drop them off to our family a few hours away. I think I have been clinging to the hope that we are going to be able to drop off the gifts and I don’t thing that will happen.

All of this leads me to remind ourselves that self care is important. I think sometimes when we aren’t doing self care we do procrastinate or find ourselves doing non priority projects. I wanted a bunting, I needed a bunting. I needed to drop what I was doing and make something for me because I have not done much for myself in months. I spent a little time on it and it satisfied the need. The new Christmas decorations are complete. I was able to make most of my ornaments and decor without having to delve into the Christmas archives which I couldn’t even think about doing without getting really sad over. This met my need. It made my day!

Self care is also making time for important things like exercising. Cooking meals, Doing meditation and grounding exercises. Creating. Planning your routine strategies. Down time. Things that are easy to push off because you are doing things for other people, working and required chores that aren’t really self care. I mean doing dishes are a necessity but it isn’t self care.

This free course was shared with me and I thought that the first session was so good that I wanted to share the course with you. It is a great reminder of self care and watching the first one before Christmas may be something that will help you get through a most unusual time in history.

Welcome to Reimagine. ⭐ (


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