Saturday Morning Coffee

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Today my husband is driving me to the sewing center to drop off the longarm. He is so helpful because he has to carry it downstairs , load into the 4 wheel drive truck, drive us over to the shop and into the repair shop without any complaints. I am having tension troubles and it has not been serviced in 6 years. So it is time, and fingers crossed that is all it needs. I am pretty excited about the 45 minute drive to get there. It’s a little snowy and should look like a Christmas card or possibly a snow globe on the way there. I hope to get some pictures and look at Lake Michigan. It should be a lovely trip out and about.

I am still recuperating from our grocery shop at Walmart last evening. I couldn’t believe that about half of the people there weren’t wearing masks. There is still a ton of Covid out there so I was anxious about exposure. It was so packed with shoppers and few checkout lanes. What a bunch of grumpy people. And some were so out of control with their complaints. Our checkout person wasn’t even a cashier, she was hired to do the shopping for online orders and take pickup orders to customers cars. She was trying so hard with the lines being so long. I felt so bad, I have done cashier work in my day , around holidays, and it is a thankless job. It pays to be extra kind to those who have first line, essential worker jobs right now. They are tired, very tired.

I am so excited my fabric came for the best friends quilt along with Fat Quarter Shop. I opened the beautiful box but I haven’t taken all the fabrics out to look at it closely and take pictures. I am going to start sewing a test block soon! More to come.

So this weekend I plan to sew the new quilt project. My friend made me a beautiful tray of Christmas baked goods and cookies, so I don’t need to bake any because I have the best already, thanks my friend! I have my tree softly glowing where I can enjoy it in my little pink upholstered chair. We are planning a Christmas Lasagna. Gifts are being delivered, I have some handmade ones that need finishing touches and will be hand delivered a little late. So glad that USPS and FedEx haven’t let me down on the deliveries. I know that has been an issue for many.

I am feeling all the Christmas feels, hope you are too, magic is in the air today.



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