Monday Morning blues

I really, really wanted to take this week off from work. I couldn’t and now I feel super grumpy about it. I usually have this limbo week off. The week is spent cleaning up from the holidays, sorting , getting rid of things. I sometimes start a Marie Kondo style purge of my clothes. I have started New Year , New You routines in the past. I usually plan the year out for quilt goals. Sometimes even get a planner or I will shop for one this week.

But not this year. I am not getting a planner either and think I am going to stick with using the electronic one in my phone. I can make lists on Drive. I have started my rowing routines and the house has been pretty clean during the pandemic. I even have the first quarter of the year planned out quilty wise. I will make YouTube and Podcasts as the spirit moves me.

But I really wanted to be traveling, seeing family and squeezing in some adventure. Go to a hockey game and visit friends. Everything is different because the sports I usually watch stinks, no hockey games to go see. Not comfortable to attending any parties to ring in the New Year. No trips to holiday specials, no music concerts, no IMAX movies and worst of all no visiting of loved ones.

INSTEAD, I am taking this time to do the things we don’t normally do. We have watched movies. WE never watch movies. We watch Wonder Woman 1984 over the weekend. It was pretty good. I have watched many documentaries on Curiosity Stream and have learned a lot!

I have set up bird feeders and have watched the wildlife in the back yard. I have also taken a more keen interest in what is happening in my community and neighborhood. Having the world be small for the past year has been a good thing.

I have really enjoyed the Zen. No stress holidays. Keeping my routine going and being able to exercise, do crafts and not feel utterly drained all the freaking time. But it does make for a boring life and this is a week were we are usually traveling, seeing places and meeting up with people. I sure miss it this week.

I hope 2021 brings a blend of the old years with the new. I am not expecting things to be back to pre pandemic life right away but I am hoping that we can do some things soon. In the mean time , I think I will make a list of movies to watch, get my deadline quilt projects done and keep working on the ones I have started. I am also going to start knitting dishcloths this week. I have lots to do to keep me busy as January gets here. I better get ready for work.



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