Time to be motivated

We spent the last several months searching for the equipment needed for a home gym. It was no easy task during the pandemic but we slowly gathered what we needed and set it up this past month. I am so excited. I have been building strength with resistance bands with the hope of being able to lift the empty barbell one day. The biggest purchase in the gym was the Concept 2 rowing machine. My husband did a ton of research when he asked me what kind of cardio machine I wanted. It was easy. There was only one, at gyms in the past, that didn’t cause me instant pain and felt like a workout even in small segments of time. A rowing machine.

Ours came before Christmas and I have been using it. I love it so much! I enjoy everything about it and I am not going into a review of the machine. What I love is that I can do it. I am getting the cardio done and it is helping my physical health already. I hope it helps me lose some weight and get strong.

But so far, most people really into rowing that I see on YouTube are men and their communities just don’t connect with me . One of my friends has a Peloton. She sent me this 30 day evolution program that is on Instagram. Its a 30 day kick in the butt program to help you Stay Home and Stay Motivated for working out during the pandemic , improving in all areas and getting 2021 started right. You can see the little movie by clicking below.

The home work is the best part and if you click below you can see the slides that get you started. I am going to do this. I figure you don’t have to have a Peloton to do this with everyone. We are all literally trying to achieve personal goals and I just row vs bike for health reasons. I am so excited to be doing this to get me into a new month of habits. Remember the whole it takes 30 days to change your habits?

My plan: Just doing one slide today for the “homework”


1 I want to be able to routinely work out to 3000m row in less than a half hour. I am currently at 2000 with a best of 2500m in 20 min

2. I want to row daily to improve my blood sugars and health over the next 30 days.


  1. I would like to listen to a podcast daily that talks about positive things
  2. I would like to take a few minutes each day and do a mindfullness exercise


  1. Continue my podcast at least 2 times in January
  2. Continue to quilt for fun


  1. Keep my carb count to 150g daily as recommended by the dietician
  2. Have a more well balanced diet daily

That’s my start. It is all about making small changes that add up. I am feeling pretty excited and think that working on this vs my annual resolution may lead to better results. My work for the year is in all of that above. I am on my way to making these slow incremental changes. I remember last spring I was so weak and in pain that I could barely walk around the block. I could walk farther now and pain is much less. Thats a win. Looking forward to seeing what the next month brings.

Model D



  1. I’m so glad to hear that of all the cardio machine, you chose the rowing machine. Hands down one of the best forms of cardio, and the added strength from the rowing motion is priceless. Excellent choice and best of luck!

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