Going outside

Photo by Jess @ Harper Sunday on Pexels.com

I was thinking about how often I get out of the house these days. Once a week for groceries. That’s it. And a few steps to the garage gym. The weather makes it difficult to get out for just driving around for fun. After you scrape the windows, warm up the car , put on your heavy coat and hat , I find it is just not worth it.

I used to get out in the weather everyday to go to work, come home for lunch, go back and home. It was a constant reminder of what was going on outside. I saw the neighborhood, the traffic, the high school and all the activity. I don’t miss it really but I do miss getting out. I could just drive to Hobby Lobby or walk to the quilt shop…. BUT today the roads are snowy and the wind is blowing so visibility is low. Why do I always want to get out when the weather is crappy?

I do have a little road trip planned to pick up my longarm. It is 45 miles a way so that will be an adventure to get it. I miss adventures. I keep thinking that this is what retirement is going to be like. Then I say, well kinda. If we were not in a pandemic, I could do so many different things if I were retired.

I could go to lunch with friends. I could volunteer at the quilt shop by meeting with the charity group. I could teach quilting, speak at guilds. I could join a guild, go to quilt shows, and travel. I would long arm more. I would visit my family. I would be free from the work a day world with meetings and the current working lunch meetings. I detest those because you can’t eat properly in a meeting and it doesn’t promote good digestion.

But since it is a pandemic and I am not retired , won’t be for a decade or more, I should finish up my coffee and put pants on because it is darn cold today. I am NOT going to miss going out in today’s weather and today’s lunch meeting was canceled. YAY .


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