Saturday Morning Coffee

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I did it! I was able to do Blogmas daily except for one missed post on Christmas Eve. I have been blogging daily since the week of Thanksgiving and I really enjoyed it. I had forgotten how much I liked blogging. I think I will keep it up on a regular basis but not sure daily posts will be sustainable. We will see what the next days, weeks, months and year brings!

I took down the small Christmas tree yesterday. I am going to be putting away the Christmas decor and slowly convert it over to “winter” decor. Things like winter quilts and snow themed items. I have a tons of things. I want to have the color palate be light blues and pinks. I will need to dig through the archives of stuff to see if I can pull it off. Its really subtle changes so it won’t be a big project but perfect to do over this long holiday weekend with little on my schedule to do.

So many people offered free classes, free concerts and free online events at the beginning of the pandemic. I wish I could find more things like that right now. I would love to find some. I may need to look harder for free content out on YouTube already put out there. I would like to take a class on acrylic painting. How to use my air fryer lid for healthy foods. Eating low carb foods, not necessarily a keto diet. I would love to take a class on design. Or how to write a book. I think I need to scour the internet more this weekend to see what is out there. I think I just need to google more and quit expecting it to pop up on my feeds saying “I am here and exactly what you were looking for!”

How lazy I have gotten. I mean I use Alexa to set my timers and alarm. I don’t remember phone numbers or trivia anymore because it is all out there not to be disputed. I don’t even need to really file papers or recipes because you can find it all on line with your accounts or with a Google search. I don’t have to come up with templates or planners or spreadsheets from scratch to help me stay organized. I recently went on Trello to see if I could use it for organizing. There was so much stuff. It was overwhelming so I left. I didn’t know until recently all the templates Google drive has or the Dropbox plan that I am paying for. Heck I don’t even need a calendar, a watch, books, ipod or easy game consoles. It is all integrated in my phone and here when ever I want to use it. So convenient. But it is so easy. Too easy.

Maybe that is why I like to watch history shows so much. It reminds me that even though life isn’t easy in our current world, our ability to navigate it with our technology is. I have recently watched shows on the bubonic plague of Medieval times. Life was really hard, harsh and totally not easy even if you were royalty. Things I ponder, right?

Well my common, non royal coffee is consumed. I am going to walk about 20 steps to my home gym because my life is so full of conveniences that I don’t ever have to get up off my chair except to throw a few food items in an instant pot to cook or get a glass of water. Or flip on my sewing machine to sew from all the luxurious fabrics I have. I could go on all day but I will just get my workout clothes on and get to the rowing machine.

I am really glad that I don’t have to grow my own food or eat the really disgusting things that they may have ate during those times to survive. I appreciate my local grocers. Even if it isn’t full of the 10,000 choices I am used to during the pandemic. While rowing I should tell Google to make a shopping list for me.



  1. I’m surprising myself by setting up a bullet journal. I have to track some health issues and preprinted journals just don’t work for me so I’m hoping this is easier. Being able to customize and to play and put miscellaneous things in where I want feels more like random me – I’m all over the place with thoughts and interests and the train of thoughts in my head has many many tracks!
    Is your garage heated? I’m trying to figure out layers of clothes for walking outside. No room in our house for equipment and the garage is not ever going to be up to snuff.


    • I have looked at bullet journals but then couldn’t see myself using it. I have a art journal and that can be hard for me to come up with something on a blank page.

      Yes, our garage is heated so we won’t freeze! We have a little air conditioner to cool it down a bit in the summer. I am going to have to work out in the mornings during the hot weather, I think. We have a small house with NO ROOM in it for exercise equipment either. But, we were done with the local gyms before the pandemic hit and that was what pushed it over the edge. I hope that you find a way to work out!


  2. I believe its the first time I’ve read your blog and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you! I’ll be following along for sure.


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