Self Care Sunday

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I am trying to take care of myself everyday but Sunday seems to be a good day to reset the brain for the week and spend the day really doing things to take care. I am going to workout mid afternoon. I am going to do some hand work. Today is the day to take all the cardboard to recycling. I have taken some time this morning to just relax and start the day by reading some articles on the internet, catching up on my feeds, and thinking about what I want to do today. What meals do I want to cook? Should I have more coffee? Should I wear pants and a bra? Do I want to wear makeup as I have seemed to abandoned that during the pandemic. And the answer is no to many of those questions.

I have been watching the morning light come through the windows and looking out to see the frozen fog over the snowy neighborhood. It is perfectly still and quiet. No birds. No cars. No snowmobiles screaming by. No people yelling at each other over the noise of cars warming up. No snow blowers, no shovels scraping the snow off the concrete, no big trucks driving by with plows. Perfect silence blankets the world this morning. It’s a very nice morning to ponder things.

One thing I am going to do today is stop beating myself up today on this Self Care Sunday. For real. I have been full of the should have’s and if only’s recently. I should have never gained weight. IF only the quilt I was working on didn’t have a pleat in the back. I should have done things perfectly but I didn’t. Those things are totally not productive or helpful if you dwell on them. I think it is good to learn from these things and put a plan in place to work on them. But perfection is never really something to achieve and it is ok to be kind to yourself when things don’t go to plan. Or don’t turn out the way you thought they would. Or maybe with the knowledge and experience you have now you would do things differently, darn pleat on the back of the quilt. Time to dwell on kinder and more productive things this day.

Maybe it would be better to call today BE KIND Sunday. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to those you love. Be kind to others and our Earth.



  1. I love my very early morning coffee starts to the day when I can slowly start my day watching the daylight slowly come to be revealing snow covered trees. I too love the quiet of it! I am constantly working on the be kind to myself goal…I am getting closer to 60 and my once slim self seems to like a little more padding oh well. I have more lines on my face than I would choose however those lines reflect life…raising 4 girls on my own, making do with what I had…now rewards of grand children 😊
    I read something recently that resonated….don’t say anything to yourself that you would not say to a friend!!!


    • It is so true! We need to be kinder to ourselves! I love those mornings too. I am working on being content with where I am at right now and then working on specific things I want to change like improving my labs but not make it about weight loss , looking better or achieving a number. I just want to be kinder to myself and those around me, too.


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