Monday starts off at 6 am

I open my email to saying I had an account hacked, a game purchased on paypal and my Alexa wanting to be set up. Weird. I can’t find the charge on my paypal. I cant seem to get the so call hacked account reset and “just leave it” per customer service as I call them at 6am. Who knows if this charge is real because it isn’t showing up on paypal.

90 minutes of wasted time. It all may be a scam. I changed passwords where I could. I will watch my bank account and all my accounts. Yet, there is a nagging thought in my head. Did I fall for a scam? Did I do something wrong? Is my identity secure and my accounts ok?

Who knows? And I will make more changes as the light of day comes. I am hoping it is all a scam and that nothing comes of it. I am so tired of it. What is real isn’t so clear anymore. Emails aren’t always real, phone calls or texts aren’t either.

The moral of the story: be safe, change passwords often and don’t extend the feeling of not knowing what’s real about online transactions to people I know. It’s all about not losing trust or faith or whatever you want to call it , with people in my life.

So Monday starts off oddly. Not a great way to start the full week of work, the holidays are over and the work week is beginning. Nose to the grindstone and all.

Back to life, back to reality . I am going to smile anyway and trust it will all be worked out. That’s how criminals work, I guess, by causing confusing, fear and frustration. I won’t fall for it, I think it’s all a scam.



  1. I get emails like that all the time from a site set up suspiciously like PayPal but when I go into my account, there is nothing to indicate a problem. I have been super careful not to respond to any of those emails or use their link they provide. I’m starting to get them from yahoo now too. I suppose with all the online shopping happening especially during these times, the scammers and thieves are upping their game and preying on our online security fears. They are the lowest life forms on earth in my opinion!
    Let’s just get through the work week with a positive attitude. I see so many people post such hopeful messages for a better year so let’s just ride that wave as long as we can!


  2. I’ve gotten a couple of those PayPal charge notices and they were scams and I reported them to PayPal which confirmed what I thought. Opened the email they sent, but didn’t click any links, them clicked on the sender in the header and saw it wasn’t PayPal. Glad you are being safe and changing you password often. Not a way to begin a new week.


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