I feel so good longarming after a little break because the machine had to go to the shop. I have several quilts to do that will be exciting to work on and then get done! I love how zen it is. I was inspired to stitch swirls. Then I was inspired to make little snails on this quilt which is a child’s quilt with forest animals. I am so excited to work on it today.

I am still resisting the urge to do a huge mapping out of the year, how many quilts I am going to make, what I am going to do for the podcast and blog , and all that. I have learned that did not really work last year in the pandemic and I am going to just take it slow this year. A day at a time and the projects will happen. The posts will be made and podcasts will be published. I like to make goals and lists and check it all off when it is done. I am going to resist doing that because I don’t think this is the year for the annual planning event. I am doing to make daily lists and check them off. It feels good, keep it small and simple. It sure is a lot less work.

I am halfway through the work week. It feels so long already and longer yet because of the short work weeks over the holidays. I am counting down to the next day off and that is MLK day. Not far off.



  1. I used to make lists but as my children became teens and young adults my plans were always so affected by life that I finally gave up and instead of being frustrated just accepted that life happens. I leave wide open margins now. Daily lists almost work…


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