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If I have learned anything in this life, I have learned that the best thing to do, when things go horribly wrong, is get back into the daily routine. We still need to practice self care, mindfulness and love each other. Today, after a most surreal day yesterday here in the United States where I was glued to the news for literally hours totally shocked at the events unfolding before my eyes, I am going to get my coffee, turn off the news, step away from doom scrolling social and move on to my daily routine.

I will still check on the state of the world during the day. I will still tidy up and do a load of laundry. I will go to work in my home office. I will use my sewing machine, quilting machine, knit and wear my cozy pants while doing it all. I plan to exercise and actually cook a meal today. I may even play a game of Mahjong on my phone if I have a little extra time.

I am anchoring myself in the belief that the good will prevail in all of this and we can weather the storm together in 2021



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