Love finds a way

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The coffee tastes amazing this morning. Why is it somedays it tastes so much better and others it tastes bitter. Same K cup, same amount of water? I don’t know but it leads me to this simple truth.

Enjoy and allow yourself to experience the special moment when you have it because they don’t come everyday.

Even simple things like that great cup of coffee. The dinner you made that tastes fantastic. The once in a lifetime fabric or yarn that is fabulous. The perfect paint color you bought. The time you stopped and watched the sunset. Being with your love when you both were tuned in and totally present talking about absolutely nothing yet sharing every vibration of the heart.

I used to think that it was my job to create or recreate these moments all day everyday as a Mom or wife. Now I understand it is my job to clear away the clutter that blocks those moments for me but those special moments in time just happen and I cannot make others have the exact experience I am having. We can’t recreate them. They are like flashes of light that we cannot capture, we just experience them when they happen if we are being mindful of the moment. Even if that moment is in the middle of chaos, beauty still finds a way. Love finds a way.



  1. What beautiful thoughts! Just having some quiet moments of being present throughout my day really does make a difference. I’m always working on not letting busy, stressful days rob me of that.


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