Motivation Monday

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Today is the day to get back into work mode. To get some things done around here mode and to get some work done. I really have a good plan for meals, working out as soon as it is 5 pm and a chore to complete for the day.

Complete opposite of the weekend where I was in chill mode. And that’s how it works for me, how my days off vs work days go. Chill means more processing the week, planning where I want to go in the next week, exploring how I feel about things and then find ways to cope with them.

During the time of just exploring, I was randomly shopping on the internet. I was dreaming about what I would like to buy with a gift card. I haven’t spent it yet but I have plans. I stumbled upon free online classes at Michael. I am so excited. This is just what I need this winter. Free classes on random things like making print blocks to knit, crochet and hand lettering. There are kids classes, too. I have been looking for free classes and I found it accidentally because I allowed myself time to just drift this weekend, explore and dream.

Why sign up for free classes when I have stuff laying around here? I have plenty to do with my time. I may not do the class while the person is teaching it but I want to be inspired. I want to see people even if it is on Zoom. I want to get some wonderful ideas on trying a new creative endeavor. I may be able to apply the lessons learned in class to life or to a project I am working on. If it looks like something I want to do, then I know how I can spend my gift card!

Check out the free classes here:

Online Classes | Michaels

You may find something that totally inspires you, too,

Be creative!


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